Nadia Alex

Do you want to learn one of the most popular European languages?
Do you want to visit or work in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?
Do you need to write an essay, a diploma thesis, a Ph.D. thesis, a speech, or a letter in German?
Are you thinking of moving to or starting a business in Germany?
 Would you like to learn more about the German culture?
Then I am the right person to contact!


What I offer

German lessons & Coaching

Book your German lessons and have fun with me learning this great language! No previous knowledge of the language is required.


Group German lessons

Individual German tuition

German lessons for kids and adults

Classes for children with German background using German primary school resources


I am a native speaker with extensive experience teaching small and large groups and one-on-one with kids and adults. My lessons are customised to suit your purpose whether it be for academic requirements or just for fun. I look forward to letting everybody know how great the German language is!


Let me know what I can do for YOU


Business Consulting & Cultural Orientation

Let me tell you about the German people – lifestyle, culture, business!


Important points to be aware of when applying for a job, study, or when you meet business partners in Germany

How to write a resume and what is important for your interview

Accommodation and living costs in Germany

Eating, dining and social life in Germany

Appropriate business norms and etiquette


Are the Germans indeed punctual, precise, efficient, target-oriented, disciplined, plan-oriented, direct, bureaucratic, professional, correct, self-assured, petty, highly orderly, strong, humourless, reliable, and organised?


Contact me for anything you want to know about Germany and its culture.








Proofreading in German

Send me your essays, diploma or Ph.D. thesis, eBooks, articles, websites, business plans, etc. in German and I will proofread them for you.


I will check and correct your spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence flow, and can give you suggestions on how to improve certain sentences.


You will get high-quality service from a native speaker with extended experience in writing and proofreading in German. While working at the University of Siegen as a lecturer, supervisor and research fellow I also taught students how to write term papers and diploma theses, how to present their essays and give speeches in front of an audience.


Ask me for a quote and send me your German work!

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Other services

Bulgarian, French and Finnish lessons & proofreading

A team of native speakers with extended teaching experience is looking forward to teaching you their mother tongue. Get in touch and let me know what we can do for you!

Market research & regional profiles in Germany

Whether you need a real estate report, a regional profile or any other particular information about a certain region anywhere in Germany, let me know! Whatever you want to know I will research it and prepare a portfolio for you.

Translation services

Working with professional translators around the world we deliver fast and high-quality translations in German, English, and Bulgarian. Ask now for a quote.

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German lessons tutoring online

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Bensville 2251 NSW Australia
+61 431 980 370

What my students say

Nadia immediately put me at ease with a phone call before our first session so we had already spoken before the day. Our first session was great and I didn’t feel self conscious as she is such a great teacher and we had fun with the subjects. I am looking forward to many more sessions with her.

Debbie, 54 years old

Fantastic tutor, very well structured, tutorials are at your own pace with no pressure.

Couldn’t recommend higher!

Ben, 29 years old

Nadia is an amazing tutor! I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to learn German. Nadia is professional, organised, enthusiastic and has an extensive knowledge of both the English and German languages. She is always punctual and prepared for every lesson.

Above all – Nadia is very kind, understanding and patient. Before starting my lessons with Nadia, I found German to be quite overwhelming and difficult to learn. I am a first year student at Macquarie University and before now, have never studied German. Nadia has understood this and has made sure that the content I cover is broken down into easily understood terms. Because of Nadia, I feel more confident in my studies and find learning German very enjoyable.

Freya, 21 years old

Nadia has been teaching my three children for a term now and all three of my kids are very much enjoying their time with her. Nadia puts a lot of effort into providing fun and interactive lessons. I would be happy to recommend Nadia to anyone looking for a German tutor for their children or as an adult alike.

Ines – mum of 4, 6, 7 years old

I am so lucky I found Nadia after an extended search for German Tutors catering to students at a Tertiary level.

Nadia is an amazing tutor. She is punctual, enthusiastic, always prepared and truly a font of knowledge.

It was time to find a new perspective on how to tackle the topics I struggled with most, and Nadia delivered. She excels at breaking complex concepts down to their bare fundamentals and providing examples that are easily understood. I was provided with plenty of content and worksheets that complemented my sessions so that I could practice in my own time.

Apart from one-on-one tutoring, I organised a group study session with Nadia and a few of my classmates in preparation for our exam. She reviewed our past exam papers and prepared activities and materials that would best help us prepare. We had never left a German exam feeling so confident in our performance, and that was thanks to Nadia. After 2 months under Nadia’s tutelage, my marks showed a significant and rapid improvement.

I would highly recommend Nadia to students of German at any level.

Emily, 23 years old

My weekly lessons with Nadia give me the perfect opportunity to practice my German speaking in a relaxed environment.

As well as talking about everyday things, we do the guided conversation exercises in a course book which I use to revise and develop my language structures and vocabulary.

Nadia is a great source of knowledge if I have any questions about grammar or word usage and, most importantly, she makes learning fun!

Louise, 55 years old

I just want to say thanks so much for taking me as your student with such late notice for the A2 exam!

I’ve really enjoyed learning from you, and will recommend you to any friends that want to learn German!

Without your help, I definitely would not have achieved the A2 so I’m very appreciative for your help.

I hope everything goes well with you and your family 🙂

Vincent, 21 years old